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Eagle-Con 2018 is this week! March 8, 9, 10

Nerds of Los Angeles, rejoice! Cal State LA's mini-ComicCon, Eagle-Con, has returned, and will be making a glorious come back this weekend! I helped co-found Eagle-Con on our campus to talk about identity representation in the "comic book" medium, and the event celebrates writers and artists and creators who are women, People of Color, LGBTQIA, differently aged and/or abled, and people who are telling stories about characters who fall into those categories as well. Science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, and comic books are such a rich outlet for imagination, and Eagle-Con celebrates that imagination as it uplifts a diversity of people and voices.

And also, I'm a huge nerd, and Eagle-Con gave me an excuse to plan a mini ComicCon on my campus. I have ENTIRE MEETINGS where all we do is talk about Marvel movies, Star Wars, and why DC can't seem to make it work on the big screen. How could I NOT take up that job???

AND, I can't forget to mention that Eagle-Con will be honoring to very special guests this year: Nalo Hopkinson will receive our Octavia E. Butler Memorial Award for her fiction (Fri, March 9th), and Cheo Hodari Coker will receive the Prism award for his work on Marvel's Luke Cage, as seen on Netflix (Sat, March 10th). Come check it out!


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