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I'm on a podcast!

So I don't know what my resistance to podcasts is, but I've been VERY slow to get on board with this phenomenon. People ask me "Are you listening to any great podcasts?" And I'm like, "Ah, what's a podcast?"

Well, thanks to the amazing ladies of "Geeky Girls' Night In," not only do I know what a podcast is, but I've now been interviewed on one! I had a blast guesting on their third (3rd) episode and talking all the details of Blackwelder: 2164 with Rebekah Leslie; everything from what inspired the book, to why it's important for diverse folks to tell their own stories, and advice and tips for folks who want to write.

Check out their page to hear my first-ever in-person interview for Blackwelder:

And stay to check out the rest of their awesome episodes! Catch them online everywhere:

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