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Wakanda Forever

Black Panther is a fantastic movie. I mean, I really enjoyed it. It delivers wonderfully as a comic book movie, easily carving out a strong space for itself among other Marvel flicks to date. It's funny (Shuri is the best), touching, thrilling and action packed, and still manages real world, well... REALNESS. Yes, it gets a little political. And honestly, how could it not? It would be almost irresponsible to tell a story about a superior, uncolonized African nation without explaining how such a country would fit in today's context, political climate, the diaspora of people of African decent all over the world, etc. etc. But the point is, the movie handles all these things quite well. It's very nicely balanced.

Before this, The Dark Knight was my favorite superhero movie. I gave it 10 out of 10, which is pretty rare for me. I can safely say, now having seen it twice, that Black Panther has dethroned Dark Knight for me. Not to overhype it, but believe the hype. Go see it.

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