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Creations by Christopher D.J.

The mind is a terribly intriguing place. It can contain undiscovered dimensions, uncharted galaxies, whole universes just waiting to be explored. Fiction can transport us to these far-off places, and that journey is one of the things I love most about writing. Every story I write is an adventure that promises to take me someplace new, from a small town in Florida, to the rings of Saturn, and beyond.

I invite you to open your mind and come along for the ride.


Geeky Girls' Interview


For my first live interview talking about Blackwelder, I join  Rebekah and Leslie for episode 3 of their super fun podcast "Geeky Girls' Night In"!
Check out the blog for more details and additional links.

Book SIgning!


I will be signing copies of Blackwelder at campus mini-con Eagle-Con LA, hosted at Cal State LA, this Saturday at 11:30 am. Come say hi and get a book!

#DVPit Interview


Check out my very first author interview with #DVPit, the Twitter movement that connected me to my publisher, NineStar Press.

Ready to Get Published

Literary Portfolio

Blackwelder2164-f500 Cover Final.jpg

January 2018

Blackwelder: 2164

When it comes to hitting his target, biracial military sharpshooter Spencer Blackwelder can’t miss. But when it comes to hitting the mark in other areas of his life, his aim is way off, which is definitely a problem when you’re preparing for war with an alien species.

As penance for past mistakes in friendship and in love, Blackwelder makes the bold choice to relocate to Fort Felix, a military base on Neptune’s moon, a decision that could end up costing him his life. Once there, he meets: Juan Miguel Arías, to whom he takes an immediate liking; Vernita Burton, a true friend; and the men and women of Brant Squad, a group of lovable losers that he eventually takes under his wing.

Blackwelder is surprised to discover he has something to live for again, but all of that is threatened when war finally arrives on Fort Felix’s doorstep. Can Blackwelder find the hero within in time to save his squad, his planet, and the man he loves?


February 2013

Between Two Brothers

How do two boys raised in the same house grow up to be such different men?

Life’s been very good to Brooklyn Raines: he lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful girlfriend, works his dream job for a major magazine, and doesn’t have a care in the world. His older brother Derrick, on the other hand, has had to struggle with his small-town Florida life, where he has turned to selling drugs to support his live-in girlfriend and infant son. But everything breaks down when their parents die suddenly, and then Derrick’s life of crime finally catches up to him, resulting in his being sent to prison. Now Brooklyn must leave his life in L.A. and return home to pick up the shattered pieces of his family, starting with Derrick’s young son, Dimitri.

Between Two Brothers is the story of an incredibly close fraternal bond that is eventually destroyed by poor choices and unfortunate circumstances. Will sacrifice and hard work enable them to get back what they’ve lost? Or is it really true that you can never go home again?

Coffee and Magazines

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

A Bit About Christopher D.J.

What It Do

Christopher D.J. is a nerd at heart. Always has been, always will be. He was born and raised in the American South, where he completed his undergrad at Duke University, but currently resides in Los Angeles, where he completed his masters degree at the University of Southern California. Christopher’s work in short and full-length fiction has focused on general literary, science fiction, and fantasy writing. His fandoms include: Harry Potter, The Whedonverse, X-Men, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Supernatural, DC on the CW, and Merlin, just to name a (very small) few. His OTP of All Time remains, to this day, Tommy and Kimberly.


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